sketchbook stuff, watercolor/ink

by Karina Gazizova (c)


Guillaume Dousse said...

Hi there. Really nice work!

I've seen you will be in 1st year at Gobelins, well done! I'll be there too.

I've seen you come from Encino, I will be in Los Angeles all this summer. Maybe we will meet us.

If not, see u in September.

Guillaume Dousse said...

Hi. I will go to LA at the 28th of june, so in one little week. I will leave the place at the 26th of August, then I stay two months. The first week will be for holidays, and after I will do an internship to the 13th of August, then if you are ok, we could meet us during my first week, or later. If you have Facebook, it will be easier to fix something!

Karina Gazizova said...

sounds good, i just started my new job today... but let me know when you are available 8)))